Cappuccino Creamer - 1kg

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Powdered milk still offers full dairy taste but produces 100 milk hot drinks for 1kg of product.

Whereas Milk bottles are bulky and expensive to manage through your waste stream – one bottle makes approx. 10 milk based hot drinks


Our Cappuccino Creamer is Light Blue Skim Milk Powder based that contains Lactose 

Milk powder generally speaking is the dried form of milk, where you are just removing the water part through drying process. However, normally in the market we get more of Skimmed Milk Powder, wherein, the fat portion of milk has been removed and only the Skimmed Milk is dried into powder. 


On the other hand, Dairy Whitener is dried milk, most with added sugars so that it can be readily used for tea or coffee making without having to add further sugar. Normally dairy whiteners contain around 20% added sugars in it.