Armonia Smart Coffee Machine

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The Carimali Armonia Smart is the perfect automatic coffee machine.

It has an attractive design and is the perfect commercial coffee machine for small businesses that care for high quality coffee. 

The user-friendly interface makes it intuitive and very simple to use. It can make 8 to 24 beverage selections as espressos, cappuccinos, milk-based and chocolate-based drinks and much more thanks to the shift button.  

User friendly interface - RGB display and 8 easy selection buttons

Dual boiler system - 0.6L steam boiler and 0.6L coffee boiler for consistent temperature stability

Automatic milk frother to provide always fresh milk

2 grinders - each hopper has capacity of 0.6kg

1 instant hopper for hot chocolate with capacity of 0.6kg

Reduced milk line blockages with auto steam flush

Milk pump for precise control of drink design

Integrated dual vibratory pump

Programmable coffee temperature, milk temperature and texture - to enable the user to create any drink and the optional steam arm allows the user full manual control.

The Carimali Armonia Smart is a great office coffee machine.