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Which Coffee Machine Is Right For Your Office?

Date: 24-04-2020

Coffee. It’s the fuel that drives your office. Providing quality coffee at work is a surefire way to make your office happier and work harder. While you could grab an inexpensive drip-coffee maker for the office, odds are it wouldn’t last very long, and nobody will like the coffee. You need to find the right coffee machine - one that ticks all the boxes and is the perfect fit for you and your coworkers. 


How to Choose

When you’re looking at coffee machines, it can be hard to figure out which one will be the best fit. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when you’re deciding.  

  • Office size - How many people are in your office, and how many of them drink coffee?
  • Variety - Are your office coffee drinkers happy with a few choices, or is it essential to offer a variety of beans and drink types? 
  • Ease - Does your machine need to be easy to use? If you have visitors (like clients) that will use the coffee machine, you may want to go with one that doesn’t need a lot of directions. 
  • Water source - Will you tap into an existing water source, or will you need a coffee machine that has a water tank?
  • Cleaning and maintenance - How easy is each machine to clean and descale? Cleaning and maintaining your office coffee machine is essential to keep it running well. 
  • Payment - Will employees chip in for the coffee? If so, you may want to choose a machine that can easily accept payment. 


Small Offices

Small offices typically have fewer than ten employees. The right coffee machine for a smaller office doesn’t need to be capable of high production. Still, it should make a variety of drinks. The machine should be easy to use and clean. If your office is short on space or doesn’t have water access, you will want to choose a machine that has a water tank. The ability to accept payment may be less important in a small office as costs will likely be lower. 

  • Melitta Caffeo Bistro - This machine lets you make espresso or cappuccino from two types of beans. It has an award-winning milk frother that self cleans between uses. With its own water tank, this machine can go anywhere!
  • Gaia Automatic Style - With eight drink options, plus hot chocolate, this machine gives you many drink choices. The Gaia Automatic Style can use a water tank or hook up to a water supply. This machine can also accept cashless payment. 


Medium Offices

Medium offices typically have between 11 and 25 employees. Depending on how many people drink coffee, this size office may need a machine that can brew more coffee quickly. With more space, a medium-sized office may be less likely to need a coffee machine with a water tank. A medium office may be more likely to want a machine that can accept payment to distribute coffee costs evenly. 

  • Caramalli Blue Dot - This machine makes brewed coffee or espresso. While it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of other machines, the Blue Dot is compact and can make a lot of coffee, quickly. It has the flexibility of using a water tank or being hooked up to a water supply. 
  • Leisa Automatic Espresso - The Leisa Automatic Espresso machine has 12 buttons to let you configure a great cup of coffee. The dispenser can accommodate mugs or jugs (allowing you to make enough coffee for that morning meeting). The Leisa can use a water tank or hook up to a water supply. It also has a card chip reader for payment. 


Large Offices

With more than 25 employees, large offices need a machine that can stand up to a lot of use and satisfy a lot of tastes. The right machine for a large office will be easy to use and provide many options. 

  • Lei200 Automatic Espresso - This coffee machine is a workhorse that can make up to 200 cups of coffee, while also letting you choose from several drink options. The Lei200 delivers excellent coffee-making performance because it hooks directly to a water supply. 
  • Optima Touch Super Automatic - The Optima Touch Super Automatic has just about everything your office needs. It can create virtually any drink you want from tea to hot chocolate to a cappuccino. It turns out drinks quickly, which is vital in a large office. It can also accept payment via cards or coins. 

However big your office is, Foundation Coffee has what you need. From coffee supplies, to machines, to cups, we’ve got the supplies to keep your office running smoothly.