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Nespresso vs Foundation Coffee Office Coffee Machines

Date: 24-04-2020

When it comes to choosing an office coffee machine, you need a machine that offers reliable performance, great value for money, but above all else, fantastic coffee.


If you are currently looking at investing in a new coffee machine for your office or any other communal area, you may be feeling a little bamboozled by the sheer amount of choice on the market today. From capsules to beans and now even bags, coffee can be delivered in a number of innovative, fast and convenient ways.


In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the difference between Nespresso coffee machines and Foundation coffee machines and help you to make an informed choice for your office.


Nespresso Coffee Machines - Are Capsules the Way Forward?


Nespresso burst onto the coffee machine scene in 1996, would you believe? Well, we say burst but it was more of a slow burn. The first capsule system was released to the Swiss market with little success and it would be a few years later that we started to see the Nespresso becoming more and more mainstream.


Nespresso coffee machines are available as office coffee machines and come in a variety of models. Their capsules are available in a wide selection of different flavours and can be preloaded into the machine. The number of capsules you can preload will depend on the model you choose. However, Nespresso’s single-serve aluminium capsules are notorious for creating unnecessary waste. Once used, the capsules must be tossed into the bin and unfortunately, will end up as landfill. For the environmentally-aware office looking for a sustainable coffee machine, that’s not a good thing.


Foundation Coffee Office Coffee Machines - Fresh Beans, Great Taste, Less Waste


Foundation Coffee office coffee machines offer a wide selection of models to choose from. Whether you are looking for an office coffee machine for a small office or you need a high capacity machine that can cope with the demands of a busy hospitality area, we have a machine to suit your needs.


Our coffee machines do not use capsules and instead use fresh beans that are ground on demand. That means no plastic waste in landfill and you can also use the used grounds for composting and other sustainable uses. That’s perfect if you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint and raise your eco-friendly status. Oh, and our beans are Fairtrade so you are helping to boost community trade around the world by choosing our products.


Foundation Coffee machines also use fresh milk, allowing you to create a wide range of coffee specialities, either pre-programmed or your own recipe. From lattes to cappuccinos to macchiatos to flat whites, the choice is yours.


Nespresso Coffee Machines - How Do They Stack Up on Cost?


Nespresso capsule machines generally cost less than buying a fully automated coffee machine outright but this is where the savings end. Capsules are much more expensive than fresh beans or pre-ground coffee as you are paying for the convenience. In fact, in some cases, you could end up spending almost double on Nespresso capsules that you would on the equivalent amount of fresh beans. While Nespresso machine capsules may look good, do you really want to be spending over the odds for your coffee?


If you need your machine to be repaired or serviced, you will also have to pay these costs. Nespresso machines will also require regular cleaning to ensure they perform well and are kept hygienic.


Foundation Coffee Office Coffee Machines - Free to Lease, No Maintenance Costs


Wouldn’t it be great if you could rent or lease a new office coffee machine without worrying about substantial upfront costs? When you choose a coffee machine from Foundation Coffee, you not only gain access to a wide range of automatic and espresso coffee machines, but you also have the option to tap into our free leasing service. This means that you can lease one of our impressive machines for free on the basis that you purchase an agreed amount from our consumables range.


All of our leased machines come with free set-up and servicing as standard and we can also arrange training across your workforce. When you are looking to invest in one of the best coffee machines on the market today, a leasing agreement can be a very cost-effective and convenient option.


Still Undecided?


If great coffee, protecting the environment, free leasing, and supporting initiatives like Fairtrade is important to you, then Foundation Coffee office coffee machines win hands down. We offer a wide range of machines that are designed to suit a range of environments. So, whether you have a small, medium or large office or you are looking for a coffee machine for a hospitality area, our range has something to suit your needs. We also supply everything you might need, including fresh beans, cups, stirrers, chocolate, tea, sugar, syrups, and cleaning products. We also sell food and snacks to go with your beverages.


One of the problems you might find with Nespresso coffee machines is that you need to buy them outright or make a large downpayment. At Foundation Coffee, we offer free leasing when you purchase an agreed amount of products from us. And because we select only the finest products for our range, it really is a win-win solution.


Experience the Difference - Lease a Machine With Us Today


At Foundation Coffee, we offer a wealth of choice when it comes to selecting the right machine for your office. Whether you are looking for an automatic coffee machine, manual coffee machine or a sleek and elegant espresso machine that any barista would be proud to operate, we can help.

We offer all offices within New Zealand a four week no-obligation trial of a coffee machine.

Speak to our friendly team today to find out more about our leasing options, our products and how we can help you to provide cup after a delicious cup of premium coffee to your employees and guests.