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The key benefits of Foundation Coffee's reusable cups

Date: 11-08-2022

Reusable Coffee Cup

Foundation Coffee is proud to be working alongside over 1000 progressive Kiwi businesses, to implement sustainable solutions, one cup of freshly roasted coffee at a time! There are many key benefits of using our cups, including saving unnecessary landfill waste and cost per employee. Our insulated thermal cups are unbreakable and keep coffee hot for longer, meaning you can enjoy your drink at your own pace. Finally, if you stop purchasing single use coffee cups and switch to Foundation Coffee’s reusable cup, you could save up to $75 per employee per year!

Coffee is an essential part of many people's daily routine, but the environmental impact of disposable coffee cups is often overlooked. Every year, billions of paper coffee cups are used once and then thrown away. The production of these cups requires significant amounts of energy and water, and the resulting pollution can damage local ecosystems. Furthermore, most disposable coffee cups are not recyclable, which means that they eventually end up in landfill. By contrast, our reusable coffee cups can be used again and again, significantly reducing their environmental footprint. When it comes to sustainability, Foundation Coffee's custom branded cups are a clear winner, making the perfect client gift, employee reward or incentive to motivate your team!

Order now and see the difference that using reusable cups can make for your bottom line and the environment.