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Stay Hydrated and Caffeinated

Date: 13-02-2023

Introducing the ultimate solution in making office life easy! You know we already deliver great coffee to your workplace, now we are taking things to the next level and pairing our beautiful Italian coffee machines side-by-side with quality water coolers.

As a professional or business owner, you know how important it is to keep your employees happy and productive. Two key components of any office space are water coolers and coffee machines. Why not make life easier and source both from Foundation Coffee?

Here are three reasons why it makes sense to have one company look after both your coffee machine and water cooler together:

  1. Convenience - It's one-stop shopping. Instead of dealing with two companies, you can deal with one, saving you time and hassle.
  2. Consistency - By sourcing both items from Foundation Coffee, you can expect the same high quality and reliability from both. Plus, you'll only have to deal with one provider for any maintenance and repairs.
  3. Cost Savings - Talk to us about how we can save you money by implementing long-term sustainable solutions, such as plumbing in your water cooler, reducing the need for costly bottle refills.

Overall, sourcing your water cooler and coffee machine from the same supplier just makes sense. It's more convenient, consistent, and cost-effective. We can help keep your employees happy and productive, by keeping them hydrated and caffeinated! To find our more give us a call on 0508 COFFEE 

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