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A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Commercial Coffee Machine

Date: 24-03-2020

If you are looking for a new commercial coffee machine, you may already be aware of the vast amount of choice available. In fact, you may be feeling ever so slightly daunted. From size and functionality to affordability and maintenance, it’s important to choose a machine that best suits your needs and your budget.

Putting a little time and effort into finding the perfect commercial coffee machine is well worth it, especially when you consider that coffee is the lifeblood of most offices and the boost that an impressive machine could give to staff morale and productivity.

In this article, we’ll give you some tips on how to choose the perfect commercial coffee machine for your business size, budget and coffee preference. 

Running Costs

When considering a new machine for the office, running costs should be a top priority. Ideally, you’ll be keeping your coffee machine for a number of years and so you’ll want to choose a machine that is efficient and which requires little in the way of maintenance or repairs. You’ll need to consider the amount of electricity a machine consumes and also look into servicing costs and how much a typical repair may be. As a rule of thumb, machines that use coffee beans or ground coffee will be cheaper to run than machines that use pods. 

Type of Coffee

Commercial coffee machines today come in many different varieties and make coffee in a number of different ways. When choosing a machine for your workplace, consider those who will be consuming the coffee. What would your employees prefer? Are you looking to impress clients and guests?

Bean to cup coffee machines allow you to make barista-quality beverages in seconds. These machines often come with a host of different functions and options but are easy to use. Bean to cup machines store freshly roasted beans and grind them on demand for each cup. Not only do they deliver a great cup of coffee but when it comes to cost per cup, they are one of the most economical.

You may also want to consider filter coffee machines or machines that use pods. These can be a more affordable option if you buy a machine outright. Filter machines, in particular, are good for areas where you need to serve a lot of people quickly.  

The Size of Your Business

The size, volume and scope of your business will also determine the capacity of the machine that you need. As a general rule, commercial and industrial coffee machines come with 2, 3 or 4 groupheads able to produce 4, 6 and 8 cups of coffee respectively. A machine with more groupheads will allow more staff to use the machine at once. If you can’t see more than 2 people needing to use the machine at once, a machine with 2-4 groupheads will be more than sufficient.

Choose a Commercial Coffee Machine with Confidence
Whether you are looking for your first commercial coffee machine or you need to add more machines to different areas of your business, we offer some of the best models on the market. From automatic and manual machines to water coolers and coffee grinders, you’ll find everything you need at Foundation Coffee. For advice on choosing the best coffee machine for your business, speak to our team today.