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6 Ways A Cup Of Coffee Increases Productivity

Date: 17-12-2019

Coffee, java, joe, jitter juice, rocket fuel. Whatever you call your morning brew, did you know that your cup of coffee can boost your productivity in many different ways? 

Sure, we all know that coffee can make us feel more awake and ready to face the day, but the caffeine in your coffee can also help you to sleep well, boost your mental alertness and problem-solving skills and enhance your willpower? In this article, we'll look at six ways coffee can turn you into a productivity powerhouse. 

1. Coffee Boosts Physical Endurance

Many athletes drink a cup of coffee to increase their physical endurance and give them a competitive edge. Okay, so you may not need much in the way of endurance when you’re standing at the photocopier running off hundreds of copies of the latest sales reports, but hear us out. Even when you’re walking between offices or climbing the stairs to get to your next meeting, you’re using your body. Coffee helps to give your body the energy required for those quick bursts of exercise. 

2. Coffee Increases Motor Function

Most of us already know that caffeine can stimulate the brain and improve our abilities, but coffee can also improve our cognitive and physical motor senses. Whether you are number-crunching at a keyboard or out in the field doing manual work, coffee can increase response times and keep you going for longer.

3. Coffee Increases Focus and Attention

It’s Monday morning and the first item on the agenda is a two-hour meeting with Jeff in accounts. You’re barely awake and two hours of “death by Powerpoint” just isn’t doing it for you today. How are you going to keep your eyes open? Well, several studies have proven that caffeine consumption can help to increase focus and attention. According to the European Food Safety Authority, it only takes one cup of regular coffee to experience the effects. 

4. Coffee Rituals Boost Creativity

Wait, put down the sacrificial sword and the high priest robes. We’re not talking that type of ritual. We’re talking rituals that involve socialising and brainstorming while drinking coffee. Getting together with your co-workers (yes, even Jeff in accounts) for a good cup of coffee can help to get the creativity flowing while also breaking through social barriers. All that’s left to do is decide who’s going to make it! 

5. Coffee Helps You to Learn Things Faster

Think about how productive you’d be if you could learn new things faster. Well, a recent study found that just 2 cups of coffee could help the brain to identify words and phrases quicker. The study also found that coffee can help to improve short-term memory and help us to solve reason-based problems. Whether you are getting to grips with new technology or studying for an exam, coffee can give you that much-needed productivity boost. 

6. Bulletproof Coffee That Fires Up the Metabolism

It’s not for everyone, but a cup of bulletproof coffee - that’s coffee blended with a spoonful of grass-fed butter or coconut oil - can help to speed up your metabolism and help your body to use fat as an energy source. When used in conjunction with a low-sugar, low-carb diet, bulletproof coffee can help you to focus, avoid lows and highs during the day and even lose weight. 

Power-Up With Your Next Cup

The productivity powers of coffee speak for themselves. Whether you are working in an office, taking part in a sporting activity or doing manual labor, a couple of cups of coffee during the day could help you to keep going for longer, stay mentally agile and focused and go home feeling like you really got things done. 

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