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Make Your Morning Coffee Taste Better With These Five Tips

Date: 04-02-2020

The first coffee of the day is usually the best. It’s the one that gets your morning started, that jolts you from dreamland to reality and sets you up for the challenges ahead. Whether you have a meeting first thing, are travelling cross-country to a client’s office or simply catching up on paperwork at home, you’ll want that first cup to be a good one! 

In this article, we’ll give you some handy tips on how to fine-tune and perfect that first cup of the day. 


1. Better Water, Better Coffee

Ensuring the water in your coffee machine is as fresh as possible goes a long way to making a great cup of coffee. When you consider that water is the biggest ingredient in a cup of coffee, it makes sense. Consider using filtered water or simply ensure that you fill your machine with fresh water every morning. 

2. Heat Your Cup

To ensure the perfect shot of coffee every time, heat your cup. Seriously! When coffee hits a cold cup, it can immediately affect the flavour. Instead, run your cup under the hot tap or fill it with boiling water before using it for your coffee. Don’t forget to empty it first! Some coffee machines also feature a designated rack for heating your cups. 

3. Bean to Cup is Best

For the freshest tasting coffee, bean to cup is always best. When you use high-quality beans and grind these on demand for every cup of coffee, you can always be assured of a fantastic taste experience. Try a machine that has a built-in grinder for freshly roasted beans. You won’t believe the difference in taste. 

4. Explore Different Sweeteners and Creamers

What you add to your coffee can also make a huge difference to the flavour. We can hear the sigh of black coffee aficionados from here, but bear with us. Good-quality syrups, creamers and dare we say it, even a knob of butter, can turn an ordinary cup of coffee into something amazing. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! 

5. Do It Like the Baristas! 

If you’re used to making the same old cup of coffee every day, why not switch things up a little with a latte, cappuccino or flat white? Most coffee machines come with these varieties as built-in selections and when you use a good machine, you’d be forgiven for thinking that a barista made it for you. 


Final Thoughts

If you look forward to that first cup of coffee every morning, why not make it the best of the day every day? With the right machine, premium-quality beans and a little experimentation you’ll soon find a way to create a cup that suits your personal preferences, perks you up and that you can repeat time and time again. 

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