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We come to you!

We'll come to you and set your office up with a great coffee machine at absolutely no charge, and then take it away again at the end of the trial (that's if you don't want to keep it). During the trial and if you decide to keep it, the machine is absolutely free on-loan. You only pay for the coffee & consumables you use.

Pick the machine

Pick the machine

Best for you

No matter your business size, we have a machine for you. Whether it's a completely automatic coffee machine or a barista style espresso machine we'll make sure we match you with the right fit. We'll talk you through all the relevant options before you start your free trial.

Free water cooler!

Water Cooler!

We also provide water coolers for your workplace. Both Plumbed in and bottled coolers are available. 


If you love it

only pay for

After you're 1 month trial is over and you love your new coffee machine, it's yours to keep. There are no hidden costs – you only need to pay for the ingredients you use. We provide a range of coffee blends as well as our own hot chocolate blend and more.